Batik Fashion 

Disadvantages of being an entertainer of batik Fashion. 

  1. Cheaper illegal batik textile from China flooded batik markets in Indonesia.According to Javanese batik entrepreneurs, China has already made Asia as their market. China bought all cottons in the market. Why they did that, because China wanted to immobilize Javanese batik entrepreneurs. China knows that cotton is vital part of batik production. Practically, China dominates most economic lines, or maybe all economic lines in Indonesia. Actually Chinese products are bad quality; China hasn’t got good qualities for their products, but mostly Chinese products are cheap. Because Chinese products are cheap, Chinese products are sold out. Indonesian people especially those with medium to low economical condition who prefer Chinese products to Indonesian products.
  2. Lack of professional manpower which is caused Difficulties in improving product, because all of the product is still the same from the old era, and no new innovation to equal the modern era
  3. Lack of capital. Difficult to increase production and promotion
  4. Limitations of the market. Reduced sales
  5. The difficulty of information about the philosophy and history of batik. caused by less knowledge of the craftsmen who produce the Batik but not really know what’s the story behind the batik itself.
  6. Many Indonesian merchants or reseller prefer Chinese products than Indonesian products. According to the condition that Chinese products are more profitable than Indonesian products since Indonesian people love to buy the Chinese product because it’s cheap.